SAMSUNG   Print Campaign

Photo retouching and imaging have always been integral to the graphical skill-sets of Richard Hernández.
This expertise began with traditional tools and methods, (i.e. airbrush and dyes) and eventually evolved to digital media with the virtual tools of Photoshop and other graphical applications.
Traditional tools and processes were solid firmament for this transition to the computer. These new virtual tools being modeled on the traditional retouching methods as well as nascent techniques and utensils. They have proven far more capable and efficient at creating visual worlds never before possible.
The samples displayed here are images created beginning with the photography and style concepts of the World Renowned Peter Arnell and executed by Richard Hernández as part of a creative print campaign for the Samsung account at the Arnell Group in NYC.
Each image was developed for an ad, billboard or periphery used on the Samsung account. It should be noted that these images were instrumental in reinventing Samsung into the household name it is today.

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